Francisco Morales aka, “Corleone” aka, "Mega", aka "Gifted" was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1987. He grew up in Center City Allentown, Pennsylvania and was partially raised in New York City, Philadelphia, and in Reading, Pennsylvania, as well. "Corleone", is a alias name that he created for himself when he was just six years old. He also created another alias name of his own titled as, "Mega" when he was in his early teenage years. "Mega" stands for the huge success that he once had as a kid running the streets but also meaning, everything that which he does is huge, or of exact importance, per say, as well.

Corleone grew up on the streets and as a kid, He spent most of his weekends visiting his grandfather at prison in upstate New York at “Sing Sing Correctional Facility”. His grandfather, Francisco Morales Sr aka, “Paco” was Drug Kingpin of all of Brooklyn, New York in the 1950s and 1960s. He was the largest drug dealer of all of Brooklyn, New York in the era of known gangsters such as, Lucky Luciano and more to name but also was the criminal boss to had given orders to known gangster, named, "Bumpy Johnson" to maintain Harlem, New York. His grandfather taught Corleone mostly everything he knew on how to be gangster while in prison. His grandfather served over 20 years in prison and passed away on September 14, of 2019.  

Corleone made quite the name for himself in his neighborhood, as a young gangster. In 1993, At the age of just 7 years old, Corleone had already been breaking into homes, stores, and began heisting jewelry and money. Also, at just seven years old, Corleone had stolen automobiles, as he "hot wired" them throughout his neighborhood for distribution on the streets.  

It was then where Corleone would have later discovered a dead corpse, for the first time in his life at just seven years old. The body of the male victim had been decomposed in a house for several weeks prior, as it was said by the coroners that the male victim had committed suicide and his heart had imploded from the consumption of large amounts of cocaine.  

At just 7 years of age, Corleone started his own business, as He later sold the car radio systems on the streets for money, from each of the vehicles to which He had broken into throughout his neighborhood. Corleone faced his first misdemeanor charge at eight years old, and was arrested for burglary. By the age of 9 years old, He was already selling drugs on the streets. At 13 years old, Corleone was making over $100,000 per year from running the streets. Corleone grew up no stranger to the law, as He grew up always fighting on the streets, and “looking over his shoulder".  

Corleone was also a self-made millionaire, who made over $1 million dollars from running the streets over a course of years. He nearly bought his way into the music industry at the age of 14 years old, as He then spoken with, "Franz Koch", CEO of "Koch Distribution". He and Franz Koch had then discussed business with eachother on Corleone buying his way into "Koch Distribution", as a label owner for $50,000 of his own money but the deal had not fallen through. 

Corleone is a member of the East coast bloods gang in Brooklyn, New York City. He is one of the leading members of the 4,000+ members from the blood set named, "S.S.B", which is abbreviated for the name, "Still Stickin' Bitches". Corleone has been a member of the bloods gang since he was six years old, as he first became a blood member in 1992 in his affiliation with the, "Wu Tang Clan" and "Killa Army". Corleone was also a member of the "Lost Boyz" street gang, also known as, "L.B Fam", which gang set originated in Jamaica Queens, New York City. The Lost Boyz street gang then united with the Crips gang and became known as the, "Lost Boy Crips", abbreviated for "L.B.C", which lead to Corleone leaving the "Lost Boyz" gang, as one of its founding members.

​In 1998-1999, Corleone had already been arrested on several accounts and under investigations on drug stings, homicide and gang affiliation stings by the D.E.A and F.B.I for more than 10 years. He was never arrested for possession in neither case. In 2015, Corleone was under investigation by the D.E.A for 1 year and was arrested on a felony charge. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison for, "sales of illegal firearms". He was released on a $100,000 bail. During a series of court hearings, Corleone defended and plead for His case, as He took the stand against 30 or more D.E.A law enforcement officers, who tried to incriminate Him on charges. Corleone then, fired His lawyer, while in court, as He then chose to represent Himself as His own lawyer. Corleone won His case, and thus, His prison sentence was reduced to a 3-year term on parole. His motto is, “trust no one” and until this very day, He abides by his own code of the streets.  (Read more)



Corleone made a name for Himself on the streets. A true gentlemen, indeed, with class. He created his name as, "Corleone" when He was just six or seven years old. In 1990-1991, Corleone began to freestyle His own rhymes, as He later became infamous on the streets for His own street savy, lyrical style.

In 1992, as a six year old kid, Corleone began creating his own mixtapes as a DJ and emcee and sold them on the streets in Allentown, Pennsylvania for $1 per mixtape. It was then where he would later meet members of hip-hop group named, "Slum Village", while he was selling his mixtapes by the corner store bodega. He created a total of 10 or more mixtapes and sold them by himself on the streets to crowds of people. Corleone is also a hiphop beatmaker and producer. He began creating his own beats as a 8 year old kid in 1993, while being introduced to the MPC drum machine by his childhood adult friend who was quite popular throughput his neighborhood as a hiphop beatmaker and producer. Inspired by RZA of the Wu Tang Clan and once childhood friend of his named, "J. Dilla" of hip-hop group, "Slum Village", Corleone and J Dilla both collaborated on many projects of his own as a kid as he learned much from what J. Dilla had once taught him as a kid growing up on the streets. ​​​​​

Corleone is one of early forerunners to jump start the era of rap artists who had uploaded their music to the Internet in the early 1990s. He is also a pioneer, known for both creating and developing an era, where emcees from all over the world could rap battle each other and post their rhymes on forums over the internet. He also created the term, "netcees" and "netceeing", which is a term best used to describe those who considered themselves to be emcees that genuinely rhymed or perhaps, rap battled other emcees over the internet.

Corleone is founder and creator of the hip-hop website named, "HipHopDX" (www.hiphopdx.com), as he created the publication nearly 20 years ago. He is no longer affiliated with HipHopDX, and is currently seeking his rights back to the publication as founder and creator. Corleone ceased operations in 1999, as the current administrator of HipHopDX as of date, was the initial graphic designer to which Corleone had hired to help design the website throughout the years of, 1998-2000. The website was later published without Corleone knowing years later, and essentially became the publication as you see today. 

Corleone was also one of the administrators and graphic designers to the famous online hip-hop ezboard.com forum communities named, "Freestyle Universe" throughout the years of 1997-2000. "Freestyle Universe" was a active hiphop forum community where emcees could both share their rhymes and battle eachother online, with having a total count of nearly 3 million or more active members. The website was later revamped as, "freestyleuniverse.com" and eventually ceased operations.

Corleone has also created and build several on going hip-hop forum communities, and has helped run several hip-hop websites, as well. In 1998, Corleone teamed up with emcee and founder of b-boys.com and lyrikalwarfare.com named, "Posioden" and created, "lyrikill.com". He also was administrator of the famous underground hip-hop ezboard.com forum named, "The Forbidden Grounds", as he was later announced as the websites new owner back in 1997 by forum creator named, "Nous Novelty". With having over 100,000 registered and active members, he eventually shut down, "the forbidden grounds" forum due to server malfunctions. 

In 1992-1993, at just six or seven years old, Corleones' talents brought him to world wide platforms with legendary hip-hop groups such as The Wu Tang Clan, and Slum Village, as He would later become initiated as an official member of the two legendary hiphop groups. Prior, Corleone was introduced to members of the Wu Tang Clans affiliated group, "Killa Army". Corleone then became a member of the legendary hip-hop group, titled, “Wu Tang Clan”, as an official affiliate member of the Wu-Tang Clan affiliated hip-hop group titled, “Killa Army”. "Killa Army", was a hip-hop supergroup created by 9th Prince, who is RZA's (of the Wu Tang Clan) younger brother.

In 1992, Corleone created his own rhyme style, as He then studied the dictionary and thesaurus. At just six or seven years old, Corleone would write rhymes while at the same time, He would study several editions of the encyclopedia, while also studying science, biology, astronomy, astrology, math, and english literature. He and member(s) of The Wu-Tang Clan affiliated hiphop group, titled, "Killa Army", would then compose rhymes together, as they would elaborate with eachother on which words to use, while using the dictionary and thesaurus.

Corleone was later discipled In the "5 percent nation" religion, also known as, "The Nation of Gods and Earths", and "The Five Percenters", where he would later be religiously commissioned by Wu Tang Clan members to serve under the leadership of Wu Tang Clan member, "Ol' Dirty Bastard". Corleone was later given the opportunity to join the official line up of the Wu Tang Clan as an official member of Wu Tang with RZA, Methodman, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, GZA, Old Dirty Bastard, and Inspectah Deck but In 1995-1996, Corleone was dismembered from His Wu Tang Clan affiliation, due to his involvement in criminal activities on the streets.

Corleone was known as one of the greatest lyrical battle rap emcees on the streets, on a world-wide platform. He had several on-going rap battles with rappers like, "Eyedea" (R.I.P) from "Rhyme Sayers Entertainment" and won each and every battle during the early 1990s. His name and popularity grew immensely over the world wide web, as came about several record deal offers from labels such as, "Babygrande Records" and other major corporations.

Corleone nearly began his career in 1993, as one of the worlds first and youngest, premiere lyrical icons in pop culture. Corleone then worked on one of his first record deals' with Robert Percy Miller, aka Master P, under Cash Money Records / No Limit Records for over $30,000. Once again, Corleone was underage and was not legally of age to sign His record deal with Master P, as also, both Corleone and Master P, conversed with each other for several hours, prior, on a proposed record deal, worth millions and millions of dollars. 

In 1993-1994, to the nextCorleone then met with member(s) of Slum Village and became a official member. Corleone was not legally of age to record music with, “Slum Village” and by law, could not remain in the group. Although, sworn in by oath and vows that He, T3, J. Dilla, Baatin and else members of Slum Village had taken with eachother as a clique. Corleone and member(s) of, “Slum Village” remained as friends and official crew members, as they collectively, stood working on music with eachother for a few years during His childhood. Corleone eventually lost contact with the crew, Slum Village as they continued on with their career and toured throughout the world. Corleone was never dismembered from the group.

In 1994, Corleone was introduced into recording spanish hip-hop by His cousin named, Omar Rodriquez. His cousin charted #36 on billboard music charts and is the lead singer to famous latin pop band named, "Salsa Kids". Corleone then had not spoken spanish fluently, and never pursued recording spanish rap music but later experimented with writing spanish rap music as he gotten older.

In 1995-1996, Corleone was also the first lead rapper to had been chosen to two-time Grammy award winning rock band, “Linkin Park”, but declined to further his membership with “Linkin Park” due to his lack of interest in, “Heavy Metal Music”. In 1995-1996, Corleone began working on a management and recording contract with Busta Rhymes and R&B Group, “Jodeci” manager, Sheryl, CEO of Drama Inc., based in Manhattan, New York. Corleone was than offered the opportunity to feature on the first world premiere song in the music industry of rap star, “Lil Bow” but Corleone declined to sign any contractual agreements due to song details and financial issues.

Corleone also nearly featured on a song with the famous rock star named, "Kid Rock". He was also given the opportunity to feature in a music video with rock star, "Kid Rock", that was to premier worldwide on the VH1 music channel. He was connected to the famous rock star through Tim Petko, who is the father of a childhood friend of his. Corleone lost interest in pursuing the opportunity to record music with rock star, Kid Rock, due to his lack of interest punk rock music.

​​​​​​In 1996, Corleone had been introduced to Irv Gotti, CEO of the record label named "Murda Inc.", known for its acts with artists named, "Ja Rule" and "Ashanti". Corleone was connected to Irv Gotti, through a school mate that he was close friends with, as a record deal offer was later proposed but when Corleone had spoken with Irv Gotti, the record deal had yet to be confirmed. Corleone refused to further his business with Irv Gotti soon after and cut ties with Irv Gotti indefinitely. 

In 1997-1998, Corleone had came across the rapper named, "Drake", via the internet, while reading upon fan mail from rapper, Drake. At the time, Drake was a contemporary and R&B artist, who had been emailing Corleone on his inquiry to collaborate with him on a record. Drake at then sung vividly, as also he had uploaded his music as Corleone had done over the Internet on a website titled, "Soundclick".

Drake had also told Corleone that He was Corleones' biggest fan. Influenced by Corleones' music, Drake then began to both write and record hip-hop music, as well. Drake was to then title Corleone as his Idol, as Drake also had listed Corleone on his website as his, "Idol and Inspiration", to which lead him to pursue a music career as a rap artist. 

In 1997-1998, Corleone worked on a major record deal with, "Arista Records" worth over millions and millions of dollars when he was just 11 years old. The record company offered to move Corleone back to New York City and also, to relocate him to a different Highschool in Brooklyn, New York but he couldn't get parental consent to sign his record deal, nor did his mother approve on him relocating to a different school.

In 1997-1998, Corleone was also given the opportunity, had taken, to ghost write the albums for artists such as Lil Wayne, and B.G of Cash Money Records. Corleone was a 7th grade student at the time and He accepted the terms to ghostwrite for both, Lil Wayne and rapper, B.G but was later given instructions to drop out of school, and to fly out to the record labels headquarters, so that He could begin working on their projects. Corleone chose to further his education and remained in school. As He then declined the opportunity to ghost write for both rappers, Lil Wayne and B.G.

Corleone was also known as a battle emcee, and performed in many on stage rap battles at night clubs against other emcees, throughout the tri-state area. In 1999, Corleone was barely twelve years old and was invited to participate in the worlds biggest emcee battling competition, titled, “The Brain Storm Battle”, in the state of California. At this competition, stood a panel of Judges such as, Mos Def, Canibus, and so on. Corleone was in New York City at that time and due to a snow storm occurring at that moment, He could not attend the rap battling competition.

Corleone has been featured on DVD's Auch as, "Big Pun Appreciation Night", which filmed in the state of Philadelphia. He has also featured on a DVD's such as, "Coast to Coast MCs", which was filmed as documentary in His neighborhood by, "Sneak Tip Media". Corleone also starred as a guest in the Warner Brothers film titled, "What It Be Like". 

Corleone featured on a mixtape hosted by rapper, "Canibus" and his street team in 1999. His song titled, "War Zone" was put on the mixtape and the mixtape featured the first ever appearance of rapper, "J. Cole", who went under the alias name then titled as, "Therapist" in 1999. The mixtape became quite the hit in the Underground music scene and rekindled a music industry buzz for Corleone. The buzz eventually created a controversy between himself and rapper, "J. Cole" on who was the more talented battle rapper, as many critics debated that Corleone was the more talented artist. 

In 1999-2000, Corleone was reached out to by CEO of Babygrande Records, Chuck Wilson. Chuck Wilson was once, director of operations at B.E.T (Black Entertainment Television). He also wrote the film script to the film titled, “Soul Plane”. Corleone then, was offered a $50,000 record deal by Chuck Wilson but He refused to sign. Corleone had wanted more money from CEO of Babygrande Records, Chuck Wilson, as Chuck Wilson, prior, had asked for Corleone to sign an 8 year contract with "Babygrande Records" but also, for Corleone to record 4 full length albums per year, along with a 24-27 minimum track listing per each album. Corleone had later declined to sign His record deal with Chuck Wilson and Babygrande Records, due to the amount of work needed to fulfill record contract requirements.

Corleone also went under the alias name known as, "Gifted" when he was just twelve years old. "Gifted" was a name created and given unto Corleone by his childhood friend named Joey Boca, who was also featured on MTV's RapFix television program. Both Joey Boca and Corleone worked together for a few years under boca's independent record label titled, "Executive Branch". 

Corleone independently released one Gospel Hip-hop project titled, "My Pain, His Glory" under his alias name titled as, "Gifted" in 2009 and was nominated for several independent Gospel music awards, after being downloaded by over 40 million+ fans of his own from all over the world and having over 100 million plays / radio spins during its initial release. The hit mixtape landed Corleone a invite to a front row reserved seat at the B.E.T music awards with else celebrities and entertainers and also a V.I.P membership to the B.E.T music awards after party. Corleone was also invited to participate in a Hip-Hop conference hosted by the female emcee named, "MC Lyte", as he, MC Lyte and many other participants both conversed with eachother on how to improve Hip-hops current state.  

Corleones' mixtape, "My Pain, His Glory" also landed him a record deal with Universal Records. He also acquired a ghostwriting opportunity while working with Universal Records, for writing music for both rappers' Eminem, and 50 cent for well over $3 million dollars. He also later signed a record deal and book publishing deal as a Gospel Hip-hop artist with Tate Music Group and Tate Publishing under his alias name titled as, "Gifted". 

In 2000, Corleone worked with major hip-hop label, "Rawkus Records", as he nearly signed to their label. He was then told to had switch his rhyming style to a less skillful style, due to the labels' priority in promoting one of their signed artists' by the name of, "Madd Skills". He disagreed to changing his rhyme style, as later He and rapper, "Madd Skills" had gotten into an argument over the phone, at the labels headquarters, where he tried to convince Corleone into changing his style. Corleone later declined to sign with, "Rawkus Records".

In 2002, Corleone featured as a guest artist on radio station, 89.3 fm, hosted by Radio Host, Uncle Meatball in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Corleone then freestyled an array of rhymes, for hours long on air, alongside artists GQ Nothin' Pretty and Sinatra. Sinatra, was rapper, 50 cents' best friend and on-stage alliance, also known as, “Hype man”, for years throughout the beginning of 50 cents' career. On that same night, after the radio session was over, Corleone was then offered a record deal by radio host Uncle Meatball, with Def Jam Records, to re-place the lead rapper to a hip-hop group signed with their label titled, “Road Call".  

There were words shared between both Corleone and radio host Uncle Meatball upon Corleones' skepticism on joining the group titled, "Road Call", as Corleone had doubts of sharing certain residuals with members of the group. In convenience, Corleone was later given the opportunity by radio host Uncle Meatball, to sign with Def Jam records as a solo artist, as well. A meeting was then scheduled between Corleone, and Def Jam Records by Uncle Meatball on the following weekend. Corleone attended the meeting, but was forced to leave the meeting as prior, one of his past ex-girlfriends hid in the back of his car without him knowing and physically attacked him in the parking lot, outside of the building where the meeting was initially to take place. He was not able to attend the meeting with Def Jam Records and thus, the record deal had never fallen through.

In 2002-2003, Corleone independently recorded and released a hit song titled, "Eyes Of An Angel", which landed as a hit record on billboards top 100 internet music charts but also as the premiere theme song for the hit and revised television series titled, “90210”. The song was later dropped from the television series, due to a copyrights claim, worth over $500,000 over a sample, featuring the female contemporary artist, "Dido". With having millions and millions of music downloads and song plays, Corleone also featured on mp3.com's top 100 song charts, as well. Also, while making the top 10 song charts on ourstage.com more than twice, and top 50 song charts on soundclick.com, Corleone also featured as a top artist on various other music charts and outlets, as well.

In 2004-2005, Corleone worked with hip-hop producer, "K Boogie" while He was living in Phoenix, Arizona. K Boogie, is the producer responsible for rapper, "Hot Rod" being signed to, "G Unit" Records but also, was known for helping both rappers' named, 50 Cent and Eminem run the, "Anger Management Tour" in early 2000. Both Corleone and K Boogie, sat at the studio with eachother and listened to a collection of beats to which K Boogie had made and began working on Corleones' album. The album was set back and never completed. 

In 2008, Corleone worked with legendary hip-hop producer, DJ Domingo, who produced noticeable hit records such as "Dream Shatterer" for the late great artist named, Christopher Rios, aka "Big Punisher". Corleone also worked with Domingo on a song featuring the legendary, "Kool G Rap" but the record was set back and never released. 

In 2008-2009, Corleone worked as an artist with a film production division under Universal Records, based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York. He was then offered a $1.3 million dollar record deal, under the sub label of West coast rapper, Mr. Capone E. Corleone then declined to sign with Universal, as prior, He was then told to had tattoo his entire face to attract an envisioned audience, as required for the record deal to had fallen through. Corleone then also worked with producers of Universal, on a promotional TV deal with a local television show featured in Brooklyn, New York titled, "B Cat" but neither deal had been fulfilled.

In 2009-2010, Corleone signed a record deal with End Of Earth Records, as a gospel hip-hop artist, under His alias titled as, "Gifted". As then, Corleone stood label mates with legendary Gospel Hip-hop groups and artists such as, The Tunnel Rats, Propaganda, Theory Hazit, Afarr, and many more Christian rap artists to name. Corleone soon opted out of his contract with End Of Earth records, due to financial reasons.

In 2010-2011, Corleone was assigned as ghost writer, to rappers, 50 cent and Eminem, for well over $3 million dollars through the major record label, Universal Music Group, as well. He declined to sign his record contract with Universal, due to him not receiving any royalty money, nor credentials as the initial song writer. As his manager than, was Brian Wayne Perry of Universal Music Group.

Corleone has also featured on film publications throughout the U.S, and in 2010, he was reached out to by Christopher Martin aka Play, from the hit film series, “House Party”. He then was offered a sitcom deal to star as boyfriend to actress, Tristin Mayes on the sitcom series titled, “Fail”. Corleone declined to participate on the show due to finances, as He was only offered $300 per episode for 1 full season, with an option to extend his contract for his star role on the show for the remaining seasons to come. The pay was too little and Corleone could not afford to leave his home based job. 

Corleone has inspired many artists to create music and to pursue a music career. Nearly 20 years ago, Corleone inspired the world famous rapper, known as, “Drake” to pursue a music career, and has even been reached to by rapper Drake, and told these very exact words. As once listed as, “My Inspiration” on Drakes personal website. Corleone was reached out to by rapper Drake and was told that He was Drakes Idol, Influence and Inspiration at recording Hip-Hop Music.

Corleone has been interviewed by, “Rolling Stone Magazine”, and has also been scheduled to interview on, “XXL Magazine.” Corleone has also been scheduled for interview on ABCs’, “Good Morning America”, television show, under Tate Publishing, of whom he was signed with as both a musician and author in 2013. 

In 2013, Corleone worked on his first debut album and book to be sold physically and digitally in stores world-wide titled, “Diary Of A Sinner”. Corleone signed, both a record deal and book publishing deal with Tate Publishing under his alias titled as, "Gifted". Corleone then acquired both partnership and sponsor deals with Dish Network, ESPN, ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, SPIKE TV, U.S.A Channel, AMC Channel, MTV, MTV2, VH1, B.E.T (Black Entertainment Television), Disney Channel, and nearly every television to radio network in the entire entertainment / television industry.

Corleone also worked with female pop star and Disney sensation, “Demi Lovato” on a featured song for His debut album titled, “Diary Of A Sinner” . He also worked on four featured songs for His album with world known, ‘DJ (dee-jay) and emcee, “Tony Touch”. Corleone canceled His album release due to him experiencing both a brain aneurysm and a stroke at the same time, after an argument had broken loose at a party to which He had hosted at His apartment. 

In 2019, Corleone, created his own clothing brand titled, “Corleone Clothing & Apparel”. Corleone also created and is currently working on the development of His new cologne fragrance titled, “Corleone”. He also created his own adult entertainment, Magazine publication titled, “Pin Up Girl Magazine”, and as of date, is currently working on his own independent company, to which He created as well, titled, “Corleone Entertainment.”