Corleone aka "Phaze Anomaly" aka RZA (the real RZA) aka Poppa Wu (The real Poppa Wu) is known for his remarkable brilliance – Born in Brooklyn, New York Corleone had created quite the legendary status for himself. Corleone is the founder and creator of the legendary hip-hop high quotas, "Language Of The Camp" crew (Which came before the Wu-Tang Clan) and He is also the founder and creator of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. -- He is also the creator and founder of also select group(s) under the Wu-Tang Clan such as Killah Army, Grave Diggaz, Sunz Of Man, Wu Killa Beez, and so on. He is a (9x) Grammy Award Nominee and (9x) Multi-Platinum Streaming Producer. He is also the founder and creator of "Legion Of Doom", which is a duo between himself and rapper MF DOOM. Corleone has produced classic hip-hop records for iconic artists such as Nas, Rakim, Slick Rick “Da Rula”, AZ, Talib Kweli, Big Punisher, The Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Canibus and many more artists to name. 

Following up with His production on Raekwons “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx” album in 1995, Corleone made his mark in the music industry as one of the greatest or if not, the greatest hip-hop producers’ of all-time. He then produced iconic hip-hop records for now deceased rapper named, “Big L”, as mentioned as “Corleone” over records such as “The Heist” and a wide-span of else records released by rapper Big L during the early to mid 1990’s. – He is also known for his work with, “The Firm”, which is a rap group featuring high quotas artists such as Nas, AZ, Cormega, Nature, and Foxy Brown. Corleone also produced the hit record by “The Firm” titled as, “Affirmative Action” where rapper Cormega rhymes over the song, “Yo, Corleone, turn these niggaz to feins”. 

Corleone paved tribute through his talents to the hip-hop culture in many ways. – having created his own legacy, as well as a legendary force to be reckoned with over his past productions featuring the Wu-Tang Clan – producing classic WU records such as “Ice Cream”, “Bells Of War”, “Triumph”, “Shame On A Nigga” and “ Protect Ya Neck” for the Wu-Tang Clan. He also produced "All That I Got Is You" featuring "Mary J. Blige", "Cherchez LaGhost" and else songs by Ghostface Killah and Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, as well. – He also produced "Books Of War" featuring RZA (of the Wu-Tang Clan) and the late great MF DOOM. 

Corleone has worked with some of Hip-Hops greatest MCs’ – including the legendary “The Notorious B.I.G” and “Tupac Shakur”, having produced “Victory”, “The Ugliest” and “Brooklyn Mint” for the “Notorious B.I.G” and “I Aint Mad At Cha”, “All Eyez On Me”, “Ambitionz Az A Ridah”, “Thug Passion” and “Until The End Of Time” for Tupac Shakur. – Corleone also produced “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa” for the late great Christopher Wallace aka “The Notorious B.I.G” after his death.

In 1998, Corleone produced the single “Capital Punishment” by “Big Punisher” – The single set off to be featured on Pun’s album titled, “Capital Punishment”, making it to #5 on the top billboard music charts. The album was also the first latin recording hip-hop album to ever go platinum. Corleone also produced else songs on Pun’s album such as, “Twinz”, “Super Lyrical” (ft. Black Thought), “Glamour Life”, and “Beware”. – Corleone also produced releases such as “Toe to Toe” for rapper Big Punisher featuring rapper “Cuban Linx” and else releases such as “Fire Water”, which was released on Big Pun’s second album titled, “Endangered Species”.  

In 2000, Corleone then carried the underground hip-hop scene as He produced an array of classic records for hip-hop group named, “Jedi Mind Tricks” (Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah and Stoupe) – producing records for JMT such as “A Storm Of Swords”, "The Worst", "I Who Have Nothing", "I Against I", "Animal Rap", "Design In Malice" and many more records to name. Corleone raised the bar on the artform of “beat making” – creating a name for himself as a legendary producer throughout the entire underground hip-hop scene and music industry. Corleone also produced hit singles under the JMT catalog for member named "Jus Allah", such as "Reign Of The Lord", "White Nightmare" and "Chess King".  

Corleone has also produced hit reggae records for Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas, Bennie Mann, and many more legendary reggae artists, as well. – producing songs such as “Gimme The Light”, “Deport Them” and “Im Still In Love” by Sean Paul – Corleone has also made a mark for himself as one of the greatest reggae producers of all time. In early 2000, Corleone produced “Unthinkable” by Alicia Keys – climbing the billboard music charts again for producing the “#1 hit record” throughout the world. 

Corleone has worked with many platinum recording selling R&B artists, throughout the early 1990’s to 2000’s – In 1998, Corleone produced nearly the entire album titled, “Miseducation” by Lauryn Hill. He also produced “Ready or Not” by the Fugees in the early 1990’s while also producing hit record “If I Ruled The World” by rapper Nas featuring Lauryn Hill, as well. 

Corleone is known as one of the most prestigious producers in the music industry. He is also a film producer, and has produced theme music for various films, such as “Heat” (w/Robert Deniro & Al Pachino), “The Score” (w/Edward Norton), “Pulp Fiction”(w/Samuel Jackson & John Travolta”, “Belly”(w/Nas & DMX), “Paid and Full”(w/Camron), “Shottas” (w/Wyclef Jean), “Smoking Aces”(w/Common & Alicia Keys), “Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels”, “American Gangster(w/Denzel Washington), “Jackie Brown”, “Resident Evil”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “House of 1000 Corpses”(w/Rob Zombie) and many more films to name.

He also has production credits for theme music He has produced for video games such as – “Mortal Kombat”, “Street Fighter”, "Dragonball Z", "Marvel VS Capcom", "Injustice" (1 & 2), “Shaolin VS Wu-Tang Clan”, “Asuras Wrath”, “God Of War”, “Hitman”, “Ghost Recon”, "Kane and Lynch" (1 & 2), “Call Of Duty”, "Silent Hill", "Resident Evil", "The Evil Within" (1 & 2), "Grand-Theft Auto" and many more video games to name, as well.

Corleone has also produced background music for several anime cartoons, as well. – including theme music for the anime series featured on NetFlix titled, “Castlevania”. He has also produced background music for else anime cartoons such as, “Baku”, which is also featured on NetFlix and others such as, “X-men”, “Spiderman”, “Batman”, “Superman”, “Iron Man”, “Thor”, “The Fantastic Four”, “Silver Surfer”, “The Hulk”, “Dragonball Z”(& GT), “Street Fighter”, “Mortal Kombat”, “Spawn”, “Macgyver”, “Devilman”, “The Simpsons”, “Beavis and Butthead”, “Sonic The Hedchog”, and several other anime cartoon series, as well.

Corleone is also a teacher, a class act of the old school and new school ways of morality, principle, tradition and literature. He is a patrioc of the hip-hop culture and until this very day He is admirably considered as one of the greatest of MCs' and hip-hop producers of all-time.