Born on August 11, 1987 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York -- Francisco Morales aka "Corleone" aka "Gifted" is a latino-american hip-hop MC, producer, and song writer. Corleone began his rap career in 1992 as an up and coming member of "Killarmy", which is a Wu-Tang Clan affiliated hip-hop group. He later became an official affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan in 1991-1992 and later became a member of Wu-Tang Clan "Killa Beez" in 1992-1993. Corleone was also a member of the .5 percenters religion under the Wu-Tang Clan, as his elected spiritual leader then was now deceased member of the Wu-Tang Clan named, "Old Dirty Bastard." Corleone is possibly the youngest artist in Wu-Tang Clan history to have ever become a member. He was also one of the premiere main cast members of Wu-Tang Clan to be announced. Corleone was later dismembered from the Wu-Tang Clan in 1995 due to his gangster lifestyle on the streets. (Ref.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Wu-Tang_Clan_affiliates#Corleone)

Corleone gained notoriety quick over the internet through his affiliation with else members of Philadelphia hip-hop group named, "Army Of The Pharaohs" (A.O.T.P) in the early 1990's. He was then introduced to the underground hip-hop scene as his songs were passed down to music outlets in Philly and over seas by A.O.T.P members. At then, he was just 8 or 9 years old where fans throughout the world began to compare his lyrical ability to rappers like Nas, Rakim, Ghostface, Raekwon, and others. 

Corleone began writing rhymes as a 6 year old kid. He grew up on the streets and came across the hip-hop culture. He nicknamed himself, “Corleone” when He was just seven years old. – At that exact age, He began to DJ and sold his mixtapes on the streets for $1 each tape and would later run into members of “Slum Village” while selling his mixtapes near his corner store bodega. Corleone later became a member of “Slum Village” and became close friends with J. Dilla – J. Dilla, hip-hop producer of “Slum Village” taught Corleone mostly everything he knew about beat making, vinyl’s, scratching and more. Eventually, Corleone went unto using a MPC drum pad by the age of eight years old and began to create his own hip-hop beats.  (Ref. : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slum_Village)

In 1994-1995, Corleone also became a member of "Slum Village", featuring else members named T3, Baatan, J. Dilla and RJ. In 1995-1996, He worked with Robert Percy Miller aka “Master P” on his first multi-million dollar record deal under, “Cash Money Records” and “No limit Records”. In 1996, Corleone worked with CEO of Drama Inc. named Sheryl on a artist management contract, based in Manhattan, New York. Sheryl was rapper Busta Rhymes' and R&B group named, Jodeci manager then. Corleone was to feature on the debut appearance of rapper named Lil Bow Wow on his album under Drama Inc but refused to sign with Drama Inc. due to money and the labels vision on his career. In 1998-1999, Corleone was offered a ghost writing deal by "Cash Money Records" to ghostwrite the debut album(s) of both artist(s) named "B.G" and "Lil Wayne". -- Since then, Corleone has worked on record deals with many major to independent record labels, including a record deal worth fifty-thousand dollars ($50,000,00) with Chuck Wilson, CEO of Babygrande Records set out in 2001. 

In 2004, Corleone independently released a single titled, "Eyes Of An Angel", which peaked at Billboard Top 200 Internet Music Charts at #86, #104 and #181. The song was selected as the new theme song for the revised TV hit series titled, "90210" but was later removed from the show due to a copyrights claim on the sample used on the instrumental. The song landed Corleone an interview with "Rolling Stone Magazine" but the interview was never completed due to a severe snow storm. 

In 2008, Corleone crossed over to recording gospel hip-hop and signed a record deal with "End Of Earth Records" under his alias name titled as "Gifted", based in California. He opted out of his contract soon after due to pay. His record label mates then stood named as, "Theory Hazit", "Propaganda", "Afaar" and west coast gospel hip-hop pioneers, "Tunnel Rats". He was then offered a artist management contract with Universal/Universal Music Group by Brian Wayne Perry for $3.1 million dollars to ghostwrite music for both "50 Cent" and "Eminem" but refused to sign then due to his religious-beliefs. 

In 2011, Corleone became friends with Christopher Martin aka "Play" from the hit film series titled, "House Party". Both Corleone and Play teamed up together on creating their own Christian-based outreach program for both adults and youth throughout the Church. Christopher then offered Corleone the opportunity to join the main-cast of his web series titled, "FAIL" as boyfriend to star actress today named, Tristin Mays. Corleone later declined to participate on the show due to his work schedule. 

In 2012-2013, Corleone was personally invited to speak at a hip-hop press conference hosted by iconic female emcee named, "MC Lyte" where he and both the female rapper both discussed openly on ways to improve hip-hops current state. He was later invited to the B.E.T music awards and was given a reserved a seat but could not attend the award show due to a family emergency. 

Corleone inspired many artists throughout his life to pursue careers in the music business, from independent artists throughout his neighborhood who idolized him for his talents, to artists today who are known to perform on world-wide platforms. In 1997-1998, Corleone was reached out to by world-famous rapper today named, “Drake” on behalf of a collaborative song in which Drake had insisted on recording with him. – At this time, rapper Drake had yet to transition over to both writing and recording hip-hop music. In fact, Drake had then was as an R&B artist who only began to write rhymes after taking after Corleone as a fan. Drake later stated on his personal website that Corleone was his favorite rapper but also his idol, his inspiration and his influence on why He chose to pursue a rap career. 

Corleone signed both a record deal and book publishing contract with Tate Music Group and Tate Publishing in 2013. He was scheduled to interview on ABC's "Good Morning America" on national television to discuss both his album and book release but was forced to cancel both releases, including the interview due to a brain aneurysm and stroke he had experienced  -- The title of his album was named, "Diary Of A Sinner" and featured well known artists such as Disney pop star and sensation named “Demi Lovato”, and legendary hip-hop DJ named Tony Touch.

As of present in 2021, Corleone is a producer under "Indie Management Group", which is a artist management label ran by DJ Funk Master Flex.

Early Life

Corleone was partially raised in New York City and later moved to the inner-city of Allentown, Pennsylvania where he was also raised, as well. He grew up in New York City visiting His grandfather in prison every week at "Sing, Sing" correctional facility in upstate New York. His grandfather, also named "Francisco Morales" aka "Paco" served over 20 years in prison and during the 1950's and 1970's and reigned as Drug Kingpin of all of Brooklyn, New York. -- His grandfather, known for being the crime boss to had gone to war against else known gangster named, "Bumpy Johnson" over drug-territory in Brooklyn, ran a drug ring flying in all the heroine and cocaine coming into New York City by plane. 

Corleone chose to follow in his grandfathers footsteps and made a name for Himself on the streets. He grew up in poverty and was raised by his grandmother, who is the wife of his grandfather. He began to run the streets by the age of just seven years old, and at that age is where He began his endeavors as a gangster. Corleone had already been under investigation and was profiled by the F.B.I, D.E.A and else task forces for grand-theft auto, burglary, drugs, homicide and murder before He even became a teenager. The F.B.I and else task forces had indicted Corleone before his teenage years to criminal line ups where later his photo was taken and criminally profiled. He was also under investigation for illegal street gang activity and conspiracy to murder. -- arrested on several occasions, but never for possession. Corleone had quickly grown to stardom as a teenager running the streets. 

In 2015, Corleone was unknowingly under investigation by the D.E.A for the entire year and was later arrested on federal charges for selling guns illegally. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison. After a few meetings with his lawyer while in prison, He was later found not guilty at his appeal and prior was released from prison on a $450,000.00 bail. His sentence was reduced to 3-years on parole. 

Corleone grew up working at factory warehouses since the age of fourteen years old. He later obtained his forklift operating license in his later teenage years at, "Advanced Auto Parts Distribution Center" in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. In 2005, Corleone worked for a multi-billion dollar company named, "MSA Solutions" in Tempe, Phoenix Arizona as a certified loan specialist. At then, he re-wrote the entire company policy on both inbound and outbound phone calls for MSA, after making the company over $60 million dollars in just a few short months. He also worked for XM satellite radio while He lived in Phoenix, Arizona in 2006 and handled the accounts of many famous celebrities such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Him and Christina Aguilera later became friends and planned on recording a demo together at her home recording studio. Corleone also worked for "Via Entertainment" in Phoenix, Arizona as a promoter for a television show named, "Over Haulin'" on TLC network. 

Corleone also grew up in the ways of the Shaolin and was drawn to martial arts at the age of 3 or 4 years old. At just five years of age, He then began to train and practiced "Kung-Fu" and mixed martial arts as he understudied many great martial arts masters such as "Bruce Lee" and others by film. He also took on the sport of kickboxing and boxing as his favorite sport and trained with legendary hall of fame boxer named, "Larry Holmes" at just six years old in Easton, Pennsylvania. -- Corleone achieved his blackbelt, green belt and yellow belt in Martial Arts at just 9 years old. 

Corleone also played sports such as baseball, basketball and football. He was offered a professional baseball contract by the age of 12 years old to play for the, "Allentown Ambassadors" in Allentown, Pennsylvania but refused to sign due to his eligibility for the college draft. He was also scouted to play as the starting short-stop for the United States Olympic junior baseball team but could not play due to a shoulder injury. He earned an NCAA athletic scholarship to the state of Texas (and Lehigh Carbon Community College) for baseball but did not attend the college(s) in his anticipation upon letters from others. -- Corleone also played and tried out for the MLB team named "New York Yankees", playing in an exhibition game for the Yankees and batting 4-4, while hitting a single, a double, a walk, and a homerun. He had also thrown 2 base stealers out as Yankees defensive catcher and batted in a total of 5 R.B.I's. 

In 1995, Corleone was scouted by a talent agent of the "AND1" basketball team (as featured on ESPN) when he was 9 years old but He could not play on the team due to his age. His mentor and best friend, N.B.A hall of fame player named, "Michael Jordan" taught Corleone mostly everything he had known about the game of basketball. Michael would also spend time with Corleone doing school work, and else recreational activities. Jordan would also train Corleone on workout routines and write the days down where Corleone were to exercise. Michael would also have Corleone doing drills at the back of his school yard, as Corleone would sprint up and down the playground. -- Initially, how they would meet began at the journal entries that Corleone would then write at a scholastic-reading program, where He attended school at "Cleveland Elementary" in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Corleone had won one of the writing contests' at his school for best journal entry, as He admirably wrote about Jordan and was then given the opportunity to meet Michael Jordan himself. 

In 2008-2009, Corleone furthered his membership in the Christian Church and was ordained as a Minister of the gospel. Corleone then began a Youth ministry for outreach programs for kids, teenagers, and adults throughout his neighborhood. He taught the bible to inmates in prison, and unto the homeless at shelters, while also ministering unto his following over live radio broadcasted interviews. Corleone then began to preach and teach the bible in Churches throughout the tri-state area, while also hosting classrooms of hundreds of students in teaching theology courses. In 2013, Corleone later teamed up with world-famous Pastor named, Sammy Lopez as his understudy and was given the opportunity to permanently both tour and preach alongside of Pastor Sammy Lopez in also joining the, “I Am Second” ministry. Corleone decided to leave the Church weeks later, and decided to not join Pastor Sammy Lopez in his ministry due to his on-going struggles in his faith.