• My prices for full length industry standard album(s) : (8 Tracks) costs $30,000+
  • Installments can be arranged. 
  • My prices for custom beat(s) : costs $5,000 per beat, package deals can be offered.
  • My hourly rates range anywhere from $500.00 per hour, to $1,000.00 per hour or more. These are the hourly rates for customers who desire to have custom beats and projects created by myself for them.
  • Prices can vary, as to being lowered for both unsigned and signed artists to both major and independent record labels, as well. Just send me a message and shoot me a price and I'll give you my response if I decide to accept your inquiry to begin working on your project(s) within less than 72 hours.

(Obviously, I would have to investigate my customers as potential clients, first and foremost, before working on their project(s) to validate who they are by checking their soundcloud pages, twitter profiles, and so on.)

*New leasing update*

  • When you now lease a beat, You are accredited all profit you make for 200 live performances, and so much more. I'm leasing my beats for $100.00, as to the amount of money that you could make off of each show is limitless. We are speaking upon thousands and thousands or more of dollars that is being put directly into your pockets for a total of 200 live performances.  ​​​​

(Meaning, I get $0.00 amount of dollars for the first 200 shows that you perform with my beats, anywhere around the world at any time, and you get to keep every single dollar that you make off of each show without cutting me a certain percentage from any amount of money that you make off of 200 shows!)

  • You are also accredited all profit to which record that you sell while using my beats for 7,500 copies.  
  • You are also accredited up to 10,000 video and audio streams by contract and are LEGALLY licensed to use whatever beat that you lease from me up to 1 music video.  
  • You also obtain all of your broad casting rights, and have up to 2,000 non-profit live performances that you can perform at any place throughout the world, at any given time, during any occasion.  
  • You also are eligible when leasing my beats to having FREE unlimited downloads. Meaning, you could always have your records over my beats featured on your websites' for FREE and ALWAYS have them for free download.  
  • You also receive 2 formats of my beats when leasing them upon purchase. You receive a .WAV format of whatever beat you purchase when leasing and also an .MP3 format version of the beat as well, ready for download.

Inquiries / Submissions

  • Fill out the form below. Leave your name, email address, and a brief message in detail, describing your project that you want created by myself. 


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