My association with the, "Wu-Tang Clan" and Wu supergroup, "Killa Army"

Whats up everyone,

I just wanted to touch on a few things and talk about my past affiliation with the legendary hip-hop group, titled, "Wu Tang Clan" and the Wu supergroup, "Killa Army". A reminder, this is the first time in over 25 years that I have ever spoke about this. I look back at the course of these events and truly, I find it to be a blessing to have experienced this journey. I was only six or seven years old when these events had taken place in my life. It all started with myself, always rhyming in school and on the streets, where all these beautiful things had taken place in my life. 

So this is how it all started. In 1992, I had a female friend, by the name of Ebony, who was always one of my best female friends growing up. She lived right around the corner from the 3rd story apartment that I use to live in, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She had an elder sister of whom I was close to as well and her older brother was down with the Wu Tang Clan, and apart of Wu supergroup, "Killa Army". She introduced myself to him and from there, things took flight.

But on the contrary, people would wonder on why I was just so advanced as a six or seven year old kid rhyming and the truth is, myself and members of the Wu Tang Clan would train at writing music, while reading the dictionary and thesaurus, for at least 10 or more hours each day, for a course of 3 or 4 years.

At that point in my life, is where I would then start taggin' up walls throughout my neighborhood with spray paint cans and drawling the Wu Tang Clan emblem on buildings throughout my neighborhood, in broad day but realistically, these Wu Tang Clan emblems that I would then create, were literally big enough for everyone to see.

From that point on, I would tag up the hallway walls throughout my school, in elementary, with the Wu Tang Clan emblem. I'd even tag up the bathroom walls, and even my very own desk in my classrooms. One of my favorite things to do was to draw the Wu emblem on my notebooks, and school books, as well. I was strictly a Wu tang head, and I was hardcore in my loyalty and all about my affiliated membership with the Wu Tang Clan. 

Well, you gotta' understand this. When I was initially initiated as a member of the "Wu Tang Clan", I was literally commissioned and given the green light to represent the Wu Tang Clan, as an official member. I was then taught the message of the, "5 Percenters", or in layman terms, titled as, "Nation of Gods and Earths". I was told who my leaders were, as in, original member of the Wu Tang Clan, "Ol' Dirty Bastard", (R.I.P), being one of those exact leaders. It was a beautiful thing. 

Eventually, I then met with other members of, "Killa Army" (of The Wu Tang Clan), who traveled from the state of Ohio to Allentown, Pennsylvania. I was then discipled, as members of the Wu Tang Clan, had then taught me the severity of our brotherhood between one another, and the tradition of our behavior towards one another but also, how to conduct ourselves in society, as official members of the Wu Tang Clan. We were more like a family, and thus, I was taught the message of peace, and the understanding of how to observe and deal with the pressures of potentially dealing with non-members of the Wu Tang Clan, who ultimately, were the millions and millions of followers, that were essentially fans of the, Wu Tang Clans music. 

In 1994-1995, I was then kicked out of my, "Wu Tang Clan", affiliation for certain reasons I wish not to discuss as of this moment. I was only about 9 or 10 years old when that happened but to make a long story short, it began with myself being scolded for doing knucklehead shit on the streets. I was tagging up walls with the, "Wu Tang Clan" emblem, and my upline wasnt really too thrilled about that either. One thing lead to another, and I was later dismembered from the group. I was heart broken as a kid when that happened because essentially, I loved to rhyme and these guys were my rhyming partners / affiliates to my whole evolvement as a emcee and most importantly, an individual. I dont have any resentment towards this situation nor do I have any grudges towards anyone apart of the Wu Tang Clan but for what its worth, I am grateful for my experiences. 

The plutonic meeting of superheroes for hip-hop and super human rhyming abilities had essentially occurred then, at that moment, through our affiliation between myself, and members of the Wu Tang Clan. You really have to respect Gods hand, in shaping this scene.

Thanks for reading!

- Corleone

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