Update - My experiences in the Church/Gospel Music Industry

First and foremost, I personally know that I had a huge fan base and following all over the world for recording Gospel rap music, at one time in my life.. therefore, If any of my fans feel as if I let them down in anyway by my absence in their life, I ask that you please forgive me. Shall I continue? That I shall do, Amen. My experiences in the Gospel music industry was pretty cool, to say the least. Their stood alot of critics but I stood strong. I had fun recording gospel music. I performed all over the tri state area, at outdoor gospel events and mainly, Churches, and different arenas. I was gracious enough to share the stage with great gospel artists.. artists like Dunamis, who has also shared the stage with artists like Papa San and many others.  

I've worked with artists like Vincent Drayton, who came out with that famous "troops" song back in the 1990s. I've met tons of gospel artists along the way, as well. It was cool. I rocked a dope ass show @ The Emergency Room, which was ran by Richie Righteous and his ministry in Jamaica, Queens New York. Salute to Richie Righteous and his beautiful family.  

If I missed you, excuse me, because I simply cannot remember all of the gospel artists in which I had shared stages with. Quick names to gospel artists I have personally met, hung out with and and shared stages with.. Jay Sky Walker.. man I really can't quite remember them all but another one would be, Magellan. Ive met a few different gospel artists as well, like J.A.Z (Justified and Zealous) and several different other artists. Huge shout outs to those artists. 

I had alot of fun in the gospel music industry, man. I've done a few radio segments, live on air. Ive met cats across the country, like Omega Sparxx and several different other artists. I worked with cats like samrock, and the soul winners ministry, huge shout outs to them. I absolutely adore that family, as well.  

Where to begin? lol I knew THOUSANDS to millions and more of people who were just crazy about me and the bible. This was my spiritual family at than, we had a huge fellowship of true believers who worshipped the Lord and we had tons of fun. We had Bible studies, and gatherings of all sorts. I personally can tell you that I conducted classes of teaching the Bible at my own arena. I've had classes with students who studied under me as their teacher, and for a while, these classes that I conducted had at least 100-200 students or more. The minimum of students would be at least, 50 to 80 student's.  

I had ended up moving to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I then took some theology courses, credited under, "Faith Theological Seminary School", in Florida. A congregation who served under me as their potential pastor, offered to buy me a home and a Church where they would all submit to myself as their shepard. I declined, and thought I had some maturing to do but at then, I stood very mature, as well.  

I've ministered the Bible on several different occasions and although my faith in Jesus is not what it once was, I've seen for my own eyes, myself healing people through my words. I've seen people be freed from addictions, callers from all over the world who would call in to radio interviews, giving testimony on how my music gave them the strength to change their lives for the better, people giving testimony on how my words freed them from illnesses and addictions. This is no bullshit, lol.. excuse my language but I've seen the power of God work in mysterious ways; and In many cases, ways you could possibly never imagine.  

I was on the verge of traveling with Pastor Sammy Lopez, preaching infront of hundreds of thousands and thousands of people at stadiums all over the world, with the "I Am Second" movement. That was exciting, but I then quote on quote, "back slid" to alcoholism, so I respectfully sat down and declined to preach with Pastor Sammy Lopez and the, "I Am Second" Movement.  

A reminder, I never attended the Church nor have I ever planned on doing so, my entire life.. so I was then what you call a, "spiritual baby". I began going to church when I lived in Brooklyn, New York in 2008 and I started writing gospel music then. I then stumbled for s few years in my walk in Christ Jesus but I stood ultimately sound for quite some time. In 2009, I recorded a full album lengthd mixtape, titled "My Pain, His Glory" and suprisingly, it set out to be very successful. I had about over 10 million downloads from fans all over the world and I thought that was exciting. Nearly the entire mixtape itself was freestyled on my behalf, and I really put some thought into it and in doing so, I changed my entire rhyme style (Romans 6) to suit the project. 

Somewhere around 2012, is where I stopped attending the Church and I decided to respectfully start indulging back into the secular world. Meaning, I then began to conduct myself back into your average, well mannered, civilian life. I had no problem with that and it was a new, fun and very cool experience for me. (to be continued.) 

Thanks for reading, 

- Corleone

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