Update - My relationship w/Demi Lovato

Okay, their we're rumors that I had something, secretly going on with pop star, and Disney sensation, Demi Lovato, lol. Is this true or not? Yes, it is true but to as far as saying that I had something going on with her, in any indecent manner, no.. not at all, myself and Demi Lovato were strictly plutonic friends over the internet.  

Okay, how did I meet Demi Lovato? I met Demi Lovato over facebook. I was recording a Gospel Hip-hop album at the time, and I had just found out that I landed a partnership with Disney, from my record company. Through this partnership with Disney, I was able to have my commercial reels run for 30 seconds on the Disney Channel, and ultimately, these commercial reels were professionally created reels that my record label had put together to which promoted my gospel hip-hop album, titled, "Diary Of A Sinner", that was to be sold in stores world wide, both physically and digitally.  

At than, Demi Lovato was probably the most popular and famous artist on the entire planet. At first, I was skeptical, I must say, because she had an enormous following, and I was optimistic about whether I was speaking to the real Demi Lovato or not.. in retrospective, I than genuinely believed that just maybe a crazed, and obsessed fan of hers might of been impersonating her.  

Therefore, I tested the waters and I decided to just blatantly come up with an idea for identity verification reasons. I than asked, Demi Lovato, if this is truly you, I want you to go on your verified Twitter account and post exactly what we are talking about, to confirm your identity. She than listened to my instructions (lol) and posted statements on her verified Twitter account that genuinely confirmed her identity to me.. as in, she confirmed to me then, that she was infact who she said she was, over Facebook.. I was than excited that I was actually talking to the real Demi Lovato, lol.  

We than spoke about many things. We spoke about her childhood and how she sang in the choir when she was a little girl. We spoke about courting, as in marriage and we generally spoke about marriage, as well. She than told me that she was signed to Hollywood Records, and that her record label really does not permit her to work with other artists, and also that they are real strict on that.  

I believe, she even spoke to myself about her mother and how close they are, but also how strict her mother is on who she talks to and what not. We than really had gotten deep into our conversation, and I spoke to her about my past, about myself playing baseball. She told me she loved baseball, and spoke to me about her past experiences of actually singing at the Texas Rangers Major League baseball stadium. I believe she even told that she actually attends to their games, as well.. during their actual season. We really, really, hit it off and she was extremely eager to work with me on my album but she literally had to run that by her record company, and the lowest price that she had to charge me for her featuring on my album was approximately $15,000.  

She wasn't happy about that, and she genuinely didn't even want to charge me any price for our song or songs, we wanted to do together. Honestly, I don't think that was that bad at all, lol.. but I guess her mother liked me, as well, as to suppose in her approval of myself and Demi Lovato speaking with each other, lol. I thought that was cool. In essence, we spoke about alot of personal things..  

I than called my record company up and asked them to pay, Demi Lovato for our feature and they simply refused. I was told that they had just spent over $100,000 on my partnership with Disney and that my budget was already passed over their expectations. Well, that's pretty much everything that happened between myself and Demi Lovato, lol. I hope that clears us both from any indecent rumors floating around.  

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