Whatever happened to B-Boys.com?

Whats up everyone,


Wow, I just noticed that there is nothing left, not even a wikipedia page, that even remotely comes close to praising the past beautiful memories of b-boys.com. Thats a sad shame because if you really think about it, what website out there really, was as popular? 

I wasnt much of a poster on http://b-boys.com, I may have only posted a handful of threads, if that, throughout my entire life but I was more of an observer. I guess when your in the run for becoming, practically, one of the greatest emcees of all time, such as myself, You try to preserve yourself, or your identity, per say, as in your name. Its just the way how things floated back in those days, for any artist who was considered dope and didnt want to be mistaken for a nerdy computer hiphop head of some sorts who wasnt really an emcee. 

I knew certain cats from http://b-boys.com like Poseidon, who reigned as one of the moderators / rap battle champion for years and years on that website. I think that He may have even created b-boys.com entirely by himself, as well. In 1996-1997, Myself and Poseidon ended up creating a website together called, "http://lyrikill.com" and that was dope as shit for as long as that lasted. Poseidon was also the creator of lyrikalwarfare.com, which I also had very little to some administrative input to, as well, regarding that website. Lyrikalwarfare.com, was one of the greatest and most popular hiphop websites in the entire history of the world wide internet.

Lyrikalwarfare.com, had a massive following. On that website alone, created the platforms for many emcees on the internet to become famous, such as, Warbux, DZK, Diabolic, and many more to name. Poseidon himself, was actually considered to be one of the greatest emcees / netcees in the entire history of the world wide internet, along with myself and many others to name. At one point, He was like a fucking God over the internet to fans from all over the world, lol. Thats my bro! I havent spoken to him in over 22 years or so. We had our own crew we put together, etc. He is most definitely a legend on the internet. Salute to my dude, Poseidon! 

I was just about 10 or 11 years old when I had initially met my homie Poseidon over the internet and He was like a big brother to me then over the internet. He taught me how to design real websites, and design the websites by color, as in their HTML code. He also taught me how to write HTML to actually design the websites itself. He also taught me how to log into administrative panels, via major registars like godaddy.com and so forth. That was my dude man, and if you were as young as me experiencing this cool journey for yourself, you really learn to appreciate the older folks who took you in and dedicated the time into teaching you cool things like my homie Poseidon did for myself.






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- Corleone

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