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I just wanted to keep you guys updated on what exactly happened with the latest song that I was coming out with titled, "Heroin", produced by Strumental. I had nearly 600 views in just a few short days on the promo video via Twitter.com but unfortunately, I had to take the video down. I had an issue with what Im presuming to be some samples that were used over the record, and in return I was filed a "copy rights claim" against, via YouTube.com. Heres a picture of exactly what I am talking about. 


Picture of "copy rights claim" from PLG France :






It's very unfortunate that I had to remove the video, itself from YouTube.com. I actually enjoyed writing the song to that record but for what its worth, its a definite wake up call for me, to not endorse any sampling over the subjective future projects that I maybe plan to record. A minor set back but nothing that can obviously keep me down from staying motivated on recording any music in the nearby future. 


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