Meeting with 50 Cent and G-Unit Records?

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I just wanted to touch on a subject that really didnt hit me had actually occured in my life until the thought had came up while I was just chillen and minding my own business, lol. In 2008, I had a meeting with 50 Cent and G-Unit Records in Manhatan, New York at G-Unit studios. I was living in Brooklyn, New York at the time and a friend of mines then by the name of DJ Quan had gotten in contact with me and was like, "Yo! 50 Cent said He wants to sign you to G-Unit Records" and etc. I was a bit skeptical at first but I took the A-Train to Manhattan, New York from Brooklyn to attend to this meeting. when I arrived, I bumped into Loyd Banks and right away, Loyd Banks had said that 50 cent wont be able to attend to our meeting. He also stated that 50 Cent had a family emergency of some sorts and that 50 didnt want anybody hanging out around the studio. Obviously, I wasnt hanging out around the studio (lol) but I was eager to leave because ultimately, I may have been somewhat offended that the meeting didnt plan out as I thought it would, as in myself actually signing with, "G Unit Records". 


Therefore, as I walk back to the elevator to go home from 50 Cents studio, my friend DJ Quan then tells me to hold up. Initially, He wanted to wait for 50 Cent to come back to the studio so we could finish our meeting. I walked back from the elevator, to the studio and thats when I heard Loyd Banks tell my friend, "DJ Quan" that 50 had told him to tell anybody who walks into the studio that he didnt want anybody hanging around in the actual studio. Realistically, I understood and I didnt make a big deal out of it nor no deal at all. In retrospective, Loyd Banks was actually recording music when I initially arrived at, "G-Unit studios" and that song actually turned out to be a hit record. The actual name to the record that Loyd Banks was recording then, was titled, "Stunt 101". I ended up leaving the studio, respectfully without a word, and that was that. 


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