Some records that were in the works #salute!!

Whats up everyone,

I just wanted to talk about some records that crossed my mind recently. Back in 2008, I lived in East Brooklyn, New York and worked with a few dope producers out there who happen to be very credible to the hiphop scene out in New York City. One of my best friends out in East Brooklyn, New York was my personal barber named Leo. Big ups to my bro, Leo, by the way. So my boy Leo had a best friend named, Buddah and me and Buddah kicked it off pretty cool for a little bit and began working on some records. Buddah is a producer also known for his work with Warner Bros. and E.P.M.D (Easy Erick and Parrish the Microphone Doctor) and more. We recorded a few quick records, sent some demos out to some labels and got a few leads to some record labels.

We then landed a interview on XXL magazine while we were recording music and I thank my female cousin for that, Erica Muniz, who is more like a sister to me. Cuzzo was my manager throughout the whole time, and although the interview with XXL Magazine never happened, it was real. Me and cuzzo left the building because the elevator was out of service and their was like a 56 or so flight of stairs we had to take up to the office. We practically partied until sun rise on the prior day, leading unto the interview and I wasnt in no shape to walk up all of those stairs.. lolz !!

I met the rapper named, "Maino" at the building because he was already at the XXL Magazine office and they sent him down to escort us to XXL magazine office. "Maino" then poured me some water in a cup so I could feel better but I was just too hung over from partying all over New York City. Eventually, I told Maino to tell the people over at XXL Magazine to just cancel the interview, because prior, I was already sitting in the lobby for like 35 minutes, waiting to get called up and I was just too hung over. 

I than began working with DJ Domingo and we met right on my block where I lived at on 86th and forbel and mckinley in East New York. "DJ Domingo", produced noticeable records for artists like Big Pun, and the song called "Dream Shatterer" and so on. I bought a beat off of DJ Domingo for $300 or something like that. Then from there, DJ Domingo had plugged me in with, "Kool G Rap". We began to discuss a feature with myself and the legendary Kool G Rap. Kool G Rap was one of my favorite artists growing up as a kid. I am 32 years old now and Kool G Rap is still one of my favorite artists today so it was a cool experience to get things moving in that direction. 

Therefore, Myself and DJ Domingo are discussing business with eachother and Kool G Rap is on the other line speaking. Im hearing what Kool G Rap has to say and he came up with a price for $1100 or something like that for the feature. That was a love price, but long story short the feature never happened because at then, we were both going through some things with the law. So thats a noticeable record that didnt make it. 

Another noticeable record that didnt make it? I worked with Dan Green, CEO of Clockwork music, back in 2011 or so and he landed me a feature with the legendary artist named, "A.Z". A.Z, is the artist that featured in the hiphop group titled, "The Firm". "The Firm", featured members : Nas, Cormega, and Foxy Brown. He charged me only $1500 or so for the feature, which is a love price no doubt but the feature never happened because I was incarcerated shortly after and we had lost touch. The song that, "A.Z" was to feature on was to be on my album then titled, "Diary Of A Sinner". I had world wide distribution, both physically and digitally back then, as I was also a signed artist to a record label, as well but these were noticeable records that never came out. 


Thanks for reading,


- Corleone

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