R.I.P Baatin and J.Dilla of Slum Village

R.I.P J. Dilla and Baatin of Slum Village. I met J. Dilla and Baatin back in 1991-1992, along with T3 and else members of Slum Village, as well. We all initially met in Allentown, Pennsylvania on the most ghettoiest (lol) block, which was my neighborhood on 9th and Liberty st. I was only six years old then. T.3, Baatin, J. Dilla, T3, Baatin and else members of Slum Village initiated me into the group as a official member in 1991-1992. We all huddled up as a group and took oaths with eachother as I was then initiated as a member of, "Slum Village". He was a cool dude. I was reminiscing about them today and the cool times we shared together.  

I was an emcee and I was also a DJ. I sold my mixtapes on the streets for $1 and essentially, that's how we all met. I was grindin' on a DJ note, and by the time I was nearly 7 years old, I already had like 10 mixtapes on cassettes, that were 60 minutes long on both the A side and B side, of each cassette. I personally recorded and labeled each cassette on my own. Then I would set up shop on the streets and I asked my good friend, "Cosby" who owned the corner store bodega to help me sell my mixtapes for $1 in his store. That's how I came across to who, "Slum Village" were, because the owner of the corner store bodega on my block use to sell their music in his store. 

Myself, Baatin, T3, J.Dilla, and else members of Slum Village use to hang out with eachother every day of the summer when I was a child, for a few years. I think I personally knew, "RJ", as well, if I'm not mistaken. We use to fill up water balloons and use water guns, as we all use to had fun doing those type of  things. I believe myself and S.V(Slum Village), including member, R.J in particular use to play tag and shit in my backyard. Back in those days, I had a nice sized ghetto backyard and myself and R.J really took that shit serious, as we sweated our asses off chasing eachother for hours straight, lol. Good times.  


R.I.P Baatin and J Dilla #salute!!


Thanks for reading,


- Corleone

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