Who created HipHopDX.com? I created it.

Okay, news update. (lol) Many, Many, Many, years ago, I created a website called, www.hiphopdx.com this was roughly around 15-20 years ago. I was actually the administrator as well to this same exact website to which I am refering to as I type to you this message. If you don't believe me, you can match my I.P address that I have now with the admin log in files on that exact website from years ago, but watch it, because I just got off of the phone earlier today with GoDaddy.com and I had found out that he switched registars and servers so I was not able to log in my website and edit anything.  

So who is this individual? who had switched servers on my website and how was he able to switch servers on a website that doesn't even belong to him? Allow me to explain. Years ago, I had met a fan of my music over the internet, and I reached out to him to help me create this website because he was also crafty at graphic design. I had tried to register my website, and purchase the domain as, www.hiphopdx.com. A reminder, this URL had never infact existed prior to myself purchasing it. Obviously, I had ran the domain name through the registry and I had seen that it was available for me to purchase. Also, the domain name had never been used before either, so that was another bonus for myself.  

I was going through some financial issues and I had than reached out to this fan of mine to register my website as, www.hiphopdx.com, under his credit card information. Initially, my bank account was than, were temporarily having issues. So I told him that I would have paid him back. I believe the costs were about $500 or lesser in total, from what I can remember. 

I than had asked him to establish my rights as the website administrator of the website and he did, but since he was crafty with graphic design, I really didn't do too much editing on the website itself, so I let him do the graphics on the website and I guided him throughout the entire process. 

Granted, he listened as I had asked, and gave myself the administration powers of the website, as web master, so that I can begin editing the website itself with material. I than would send him emails in brief detail on how I wanted the website to look like and he did everything that I had asked him to do. I told him to wait until I record new music, before we launch, "HipHopDX" so myself, as the main attraction on the website, would look presentable. He didn't listen. We argued a bit, via internet but suprisingly, prior to this argument, we actually became close online buddies for a few years over AOL / AIM. I believe even over Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger, as well. I believe to have even created another website years prior to this exact moment, during the mid 1990's and he would post his text rhymes on my website. Anyways, I came up with this idea, to promote underground hiphop artists from all over the world, but also to center myself as the main attraction to promote my music career, as well. Therefore, I created the name of the URL address, which is : www.hiphopdx.com but a reminder, I also created the entire concept of the website, and the actual purpose of the entire website, as well.  

I stopped working on the website, because I thought it wasn't going to go anywhere, pertaining to it's success but I let my fan (who's running it now) administrate and moderate the website, as well, to get him more involved with my music career. Long story short, I had told him to stop working on the website and to cease from further operations and he went over myself, without my permission to continue to use my website and entire ideas, but also, without incorporating myself as the main attraction on the website as well, as that was the initial plan that I had intended to use for HipHopDX, as HipHopDX was to revolve around myself as a hip-hop artist, who happened to also interview other underground hip-hop artists from all over the world. He never entitled any credibility to myself that I actually created the entire concept, idea and website on niether the website or Twitter account. 

What most people, probably do not know, is that I had reached out to him more than a few times, for him to stop accessing my website, prior to HipHopDX.com becoming so popular over the course of years and initially, I had thought he had respectfully listened to me. I had seen that the website was down and it had not been worked on, as in, there were no graphics nor any content on the website. I had no clue the website existed today, because I haven't been on the internet in nearly 7 or 8 years and the "HipHopDX" Twitter account had popped up on the "who to follow" section on Twitter and I discovered that he's still running my website without my permission, smh. 

I'm happy my website is successful today, no question about it but I was saving this website for myself for when I was to get older and mature, maybe even on some retirement shit where I later do things like invest more time into interviewing artists and etc.; so in a nut shell, it was more like a retirement plan for myself, as well. 

Visit the website at www.hiphopdx.com 

Visit the twitter page at  www.twitter.com/hiphopdx

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