Corleone Records, llc; a sub-division to ‘Corleone Entertainment’ was founded in 1995 by Corleone. Home of the legendary late rapper named, "Big L", Corleone Records stands as one of the most or if not, the most prestigious independent record labels to date in the hip-hop culture. "C.R" is a record label based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania and is infact an independent corporation in alliance with all major to non-major distribution. “C.R” (In abbreviation to ‘Corleone Records’) is a music label predominantly focused on ‘Hip-Hop/Rap’ genre music. Corleone Records obtains all rights to artists in which are signed and are a diverse multi-unit of talent. The label is ran by creator, founder and owner Francisco Morales aka Corleone and is of complete ownership to His estate at full functionability.


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Corleone (Founder/Owner)                              Temple Of Rellz (Hip-Hop Group)

Big L (R.I.P)                                                                    80 Proof (Hip-Hop Group)

Language Of The Camp (Hip-Hop Group)       The Dream Team (Hip-Hop Group)   

Legion Of Doom (Corleone x MF Doom)       Zion (Hip-Hop Group)

House Of Delicates (Hip-Hop Group)               Shabazz The Disciple        

United Stylez (Hip-Hop Group)                          Nimrod (Producer)

Liquid Swordzmen (Hip-Hop Group)               Harlems Finest (Hip-Hop Group)

Lyrical Assassins (Hip-Hop Group)                    Dungeon Masters (Hip-Hop Group) 

Scriptures Of Malice (Hip-Hop Group)            Knowledge Da Wise One (MC)

Students Of Theology (Hip-Hop Group)       Shakespeare (MC)

Brooklyn Academy (Hip-Hop Group)                    

DJ Assassin                                                            

J. Medeiros

MF Doom (R.I.P)

Viro The Virus (R.I.P)

Clark Kent (Producer)

Pharaoh (Producer)