Early Life

Corleone was born in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York. He lived on Meeker avenue as a kid in Brooklyn, New York. As a 4 or 5 year old kid, Corleone commuted back and forth with his family from Center City Allentown, Pennsylvania to New York City, frequently. He partially grew up as a kid in East Brooklyn, New York for the first 15 years of life, as he sat on the bleachers at East New York Highschool and watched the baseball games at the Spanish baseball league called the, "Pedrin Zorilla", also known as, "The Zorilla". (http://brooklynink.org/2012/08/28/47194-zorrilla-league-brings-competitive-baseball-and-family-vibes-to-east-new-york/)  

Corleone was also partially raised as a kid in Long Island, New York, as well. His relatives owned a beautiful mansion in Long Island, New York and stood as neighbors to famous comedian actor named, "Eddie Murphy", as they also founded the famous Mexican restaurant named, "Pancho Villa". Corleone also partially grew up as a kid in Manhattan, New York and in Jamaica, Queens, New York, as well.

During his childhood, Corleone also played sports like baseball, basketball, and football. He spent lots of time with his father, as they both trained together vigorously at playing baseball. His father, also named as "Francisco Morales", was a professional baseball player, who played semi pro baseball for 16 years during the 1970s in the top semi pro league(s) in New York City. He played for leagues such as the "Pedrin Zorilla", "Youth Service", and others to name.

His father was the youngest player to had ever played class AA baseball (semi pro baseball) in all of New York City in 1975, at just 15 years old. His story also aired on television and newspapers, titling him as, "the youngest player throughout the history of New York City ever to play professional baseball". He also had the highest batting average throughout the class AA (Double A) baseball federation. He won 4 batting titles, and 2 MVP's, and lead the class AA federation in stolen bases, and batting average for more then 10 consecutive seasons. He won player of the week, sponsored by beer company named, "Budweiser", a total of 12 times, and represented the class AA all-star team, combined with 125 class AA baseball leagues, as starting second baseman, a total of 13 times. 

His father also played in the ACBL allstar college baseball league, as short-stop and second basemen for the "Nationals" team. He set numerous records in Highschool as lead second basemen for 4 years, as he was also ranked 2nd in the entire nation as an all around baseball player in Highschool. He played in the same leagues' with players such as, Willie Randolph (Pittsburgh Pirates Draft Pick), Lee Mazelli (New York Mets Draft Pick), John Candelarea (Pittsburgh Pirates Draft Pick), Pete Falcone(San Francisco Giants Draft Pick), Keith Bodi (New York Mets Draft Pick), Junior Roman (New York Mets Head Scout), Danny Garcia (First basemen and outfielder for Kansas City Royals), Onix Concepion (Short-stop for Kansas City Royals), Jorge Lebron (Philadelphia Phillies Draft Pick), Danny Martinez (Philadelphia Phillies Draft Pick/ Phillies commentator), and many other professional baseball players to name. 

His father also played baseball all over Puertorico, and was offered a major league baseball contract for winter season in Ponce, Puertorico with team named, "Ponce, Leones" as also a prospect for MLB team named, "Kansas City Royals", as he started as lead "short-stop" over MLB player, "Ed Romero" who played over 10 years in major league baseball for the MLB team named, "Milwaukee Brewers". He also trained professional baseball player named, "Shawon Dunston", who was drafted as #1 draft pick for the Chicago Cubs and also trained "Willie Lozado" for the Milwaukee Brewers. 

When Corleone was just six or seven years old, He also trained in boxing and martial arts, as well. He then obtained his black belt and green belt in martial arts when he was just 8 or 9 years old. Corleone also loved the sport of boxing. In fact, boxing and martial arts had been Corleones' favorite sport since he was a 4 year old kid. Since he was a 4 year old kid, Corleone would watch martial art films throughout his entire day, as He studied and shadowed Bruce Lee's career, as well. 

Corleone trained in boxing as a 7 year old kid. He would record the boxing bouts that had taken place at the junior Olympics on television and He studied each and everyone of his potential opponents, thoroughly, by watching the pre-recorded footage of each and every bout. His dream was to fight in the Olympics, as he also trained to compete for the Junior Olympics boxing tournament, as well. 

Corleone enrolled into his first boxing gym when he was just 6 or 7 years old in Allentown, Pennsylvania. His first boxing trainer, nick named "Pac", also known for training one of his own boxers to victory over pro boxer, Miquel Cotto; had trained Corleone for a limited time at the gym but eventually, the boxing gym had been shut down by the city council. It was the only boxing gym throughout his entire city. 

Corleone was then introduced to pro legendary boxer named, "Larry Holmes", as they both had shook hands with eachother and agreed to begin training at Larry Holmes' boxing gym in Easton, Pennsylvania. Corleone was just 6 or 7 years old when pro boxer, Larry Holmes then became his boxing trainer. He trained at Larry Holmes' gym for 1 year or so, as Larry Holmes also stood as his promoter in coordinating Corleones' boxing events, as well. Eventually, Corleone left the gym. He was eager to step in the ring and to begin fighting professionally, but was told to continue His training by pro boxer, Larry Holmes, until further due. 

Corleone had the opportunity in being a professional licensed boxer when He was 8 years old. He refused to professionally box because it was considered illegal for licensed boxers to fight on the streets. Corleone was still very much then involved into the fighting on the streets, for respect and clout throughout his neighborhood and did not want to take a chance in being arrested for any of his street related fights during his childhood.

He was warned of his possibilities of himself being sent to jail over street fighting, as His boxing trainer had informed him of so, as He eventually began to just train regularly at the boxing gym, rather than boxing professionally. He stopped boxing because it was mandated that He would have to become a licensed boxer to further his time at the gym. 

Corleone was also once titled as one of the greatest athletes to rise throughout his community. By the age of 7 years old or so, Corleone had already trained in joining the "And1" basketball tournaments that featured on the ESPN television program, regularly, as he once idolized and shadowed "And1" tournament player named, "Hot Sauce". 

Corleone also played basketball regularly at tournaments on the streets, as a six year old kid against adults nearly twice his age and 3x's his size. By the age of 7 years old, Corleone had the opportunity to play for the, "AAU Basketball" organization but did not play AAU basketball due to traveling expenses. The "AAU" (Amateur Athletic Union) formerly worked with the United States Olympic Committee to prepare U.S.A athletes for the Olympics.

Corleone studied the game of basketball, fluently, as he recorded and watched each and every basketball game that Michael Jordan had ever played on television. He idolized Michael Jordan and trained as he had seen Michael Jordan play on television. He would train at playing basketball for atleast 10-15 or more hours throughout the day, from the age of five years old unto his teenage years. At only 5 feet and 7 inches tall, Corleone could dunk the basketball on any NBA standard basketball court.

Corleone also played both basketball and football in youth leagues throughout his city in Allentown, Pennsylvania, as well. He was quite known for his talents as a linebacker and a running back but was also known for his quarterback skills as he lead a few teams throughout his city to championship victories, as lead quarterback for the, "Allentown A's" and "L.C.Y.A Bulldogs".

Inspired by team mentor for the, "Allentown A's", 5x NFL Pro Bowler, "Andre Risen". Corleone lead his city in passing yards as a quarterback and also in rushing yards, as well. He also started on the, "Allentown A's" as left defensive tackle, and defensive end, while also playing as offensive fullback, running back, defensive linebacker, and also ran the football on special teams, punt, and kick off returns, as well. 

He also played football for the, "Alton Park Comets" and lead his city in, "Quarterback Sacks" and "Defensive Tackles", as one of the most feared and skilled line backers' throughout his league. He was given several noticeable awards for his skills as a defensive line backer, as he hospitalized many of his opponents on the football field, while some were even carried off the field by stretcher with broken bones, concussions, and else torn ligaments from the impact he had tackled his opponents with. 

While also featuring on the local newspaper as M.V.P (Most Valuable Player) since he was a 6 year old kid for 20 consecutive times or so throughout the year, unto his teenage years. Corleone also lead his entire city in Allentown, Pennyslvania as lead short-stop with a .700 and higher batting average for nearly 10 consecutive years. Having had the highest batting average, most R.B.I's (Runs batted-in), stolen bases and homeruns for nearly 10 consecutive years. Corleone also featured on the front page of, "The Morning Call" local newspaper as captain of the baseball team at, "Louis E. Dieruff Highschool", while leading the team in batting average during the begining of the season with a .370+ batting average, playing injured. 

When Corleone was 12-13 years old, he was scouted to play baseball as the starting shortstop for the United States Olympic baseball team. He forfeited his role on the team due to a shoulder injury, and pursued surgery on his throwing shoulder. By the age of 13 years old, Corleone had already been offered an opportunity to play professional baseball for the, "Allentown Ambassadors” class AA (doube A) baseball team. He was offered a $2,000 per month salary based pay, as He was then asked to drop out of school, and further his education on the road, via tutors the team provided for him throughout the course of each season. Corleone declined to join the team, because by law, he would then become ineligible to play college sports, or qualify for the NCAA draft.

In 1998-1999, Corleone also had an athletic scholarship to Central Catholic Highschool in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He was only 12 years old, as head of the baseball His for Central Catholic Highschool attended one of Corleones' scheduled season games. Corleone hit 2 homeruns over 430 ft, 2 triples, 2 doubles, and 1 single, along with obtaining 7 rbi's on that day. He was later offered a scholarship to which funded all tuition to any college to which he had wanted to attend. He forfeited his scholarship due to his previous shoulder injury.

When Corleone was nearly 13 years old, He would have later gotten surgery on his shoulder by (David) Leigh S. Brezenoff, M.D., who is Derek Jeters' personal athletic doctor, of the New York Yankees. M.D, Breznenoff once performed surgery on Derek Jeters broken ankle, as well.  In 1999, Corleone was recruited by the U.S.A Army and was offered a scholarship to both attend and play sports for the army, as well. He failed is eye exam and was diagnosed with a vision disorder called, "Astigmatism", and was not eligible to attend the army. 

 In Highschool, Corleone joined the swimming team His freshman year to rehabilitate his shoulder. He was also on the wrestling team for Dieruff Highschool and played baseball, as well. He graduated from highschool, and obtained an athletic scholarship to play baseball for an NCAA college in the state of Texas. Corleone was still very much involved with his past life on the streets then and was actively retaliating to a gang related war at the time against his rival enemies. Thus, He was busy and he could not attend his graduation ceremony.

He was not permitted his highschool diploma, as his attendance to his graduation ceremony was a school district requirement, needed for him to receive his diploma. Therefore, He forfeited his athletic scholarship, as prior, He also planned on attending Florida State, and DeSales University, as well. Corleone also played and tried out for a starting role for the professional major league baseball team titled, "New York Yankees". He was also invited to play and try out for the professional major league baseball team titled, "Philadelphia Phillies". He didn't make either team due to injuries but he played noticeably well.

Corleone also had a scholarship to play baseball at Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC), and he also had an opportunity to play football at college for Penn State University. Corleone also holds the record for the fasted speed in highschool, as he sprinted and was timed in a 30 yard dash in just 3.1 seconds.  He also studied graphic design and obtained a scholarship for graphic design to, "Kutztown University" in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. 

As a teenager, when He was just 14 years old, Corleone first began working at warehouse factory's while still attending school. While working construction and demolition as a side job for a living. He wrote music and dedicated lots of his time to writing lyrics. Corleone also ran the streets and rarely ever slept throughout the course of his nights. He was always working and taking care of both of his grandmothers', who suffered from illnesses known as, schizophrenia and diabetes.  

In 2003, Corleone became great friends with an artist out of Reading, Pennsylvania by the name of Greg Jarvis, while they both met on a film set as actors to a Warner brother film, titled, “What We Do”. Corleone and Greg Jarvis conversed on both life and music together, as friends frequently, as the two recorded one last record with eachother under the record label titled, “Virgin Records” before the rapper was killed by a fatal gun shot wound. Prior to Greg Jarvis' death, both He and Corleone would discuss with each-other on bettering their lives, as Greg Jarvis then taught Corleone everything in which Corleone needed to know upon making legitimate money as a loan specialist in the mortgage industry.  

In 2003-2004, Corleone later moved to Phoenix, Arizona while He was under investigation on a drug sting operation by under cover federal agents and else law enforcement officers. Corleone decided to move out of the state of Pennsylvania to better His life and in doing so, He worked for a multi-billion dollar company titled, “MSA Solutions”.

Corleone then obtained his certification as a loan specialist. He made the company well over $2 million dollars in just one day, and also generated more than $30 million dollars for the company in a course of months. Corleone was then promoted by owner of the company, as he then re-wrote the entire company policy for both inbound and outbound calls. 

While living in Phoenix, Arizona, Corleone also worked for, “Via Entertainment”. Corleone then promoted a television show titled, “Over Hauling”, which regularly featured as a program on the TLC television network. Corleone would then travel throughout the local wallmart stores in Mexico, New Mexico, California, and Nevada while promoting both, “Over Hauling” products and having experienced little site seeing, as well. He also worked for “XM Satellite Radio”, and managed the accounts for celebrities such as Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera. Corleone and Christina Aguilera both developed a relationship with each other soon after, as they later exchanged phone numbers with eachother and the two of them remained as mutual friends.

In 2008, Corleone moved back Brooklyn, New York as He was then experiencing some troubles with the law. He lived in East Brooklyn, New York. He worked as a shoe salesmen for the famous clothing store titled, “Dr. Jays” and while working, he met CNN reporter, Anthony Bourdain, as they later became friends and elaborated upon fashion and music together on collaborative ideas. Corleone then began to work on creating his own clothing line titled, "Corleone Clothing & Apparel". 

Corleone also worked at New York City College, and at Bronx Hospital in Bronx, New York while living in Brooklyn, New York in 2009. He was then introduced to the Pentecostal religion by his personal barber named Leo. Both He and Leo served as Youth Ministers together in a Pentecostal Church, while living in East Brooklyn, New York. He and Corleone, then began to write gospel hip-hop music together. Corleone was later baptized by Pastor Jim Rivera, of "City Limits Assembly of God" Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

In 2011, Corleone moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and studied theology, credited to "Faith Theological Seminary School". He was then given a Church to Pastor and was provided a brand new home to accompany his stay. He respectfully declined to Pastor, as he sought out to spiritually mature and become more knowledgeable of the bible. 

In 2012-2013, Corleone had spoken to world known Pastor Sammy Lopez, frequently and considered him to be of a spiritual father of some sorts in the Christian faith. Corleone spoke to Pastor Sammy Lopez about the hardships he had been experiencing, and also, the struggles he had been enduring through in His faith in Jesus Christ.

Pastor Sammy Lopez had offered Corleone a job opportunity as a Minister, to join his congregation and to move to the state of Texas. He offered to pay Corleone over $100,000 per year on a salary based pay. Pastor Sammy Lopez then offered Corleone another job opportunity to travel with him as a Minister, to join him in the world known, “I Am Second” ministry.  

Corleone respectfully declined to everything in which Pastor Sammy Lopez infact had to offer him. As prior, Corleone had started to begin drinking alcohol again and thought of himself to be a hindrance unto Pastor Sammy Lopez' lifestyle. 

In 2013, Corleone left the Church. As prior, he ran a non-profit Youth ministry in the Pentecostal Church for nearly 7 consecutive years in the Lehigh valley of Pennsylvania. He ministered all over the United States and throughout the tri state area, as well. He ministered throughout His community, shelters, and also in hundreds of Churches and Gospel music events throughout the region. 

Corleone was also a peace maker, and had intervened and stopped several on going gang wars between other gangs and street thugs on the streets, as a Minister. He ministered live on radio, as fans all over the world would call in and had testified to Corleone's music on saving and changing their lives. He also ministered to the homeless at shelters and ministered to children who suffered in their attempt to commit suicide. He reached out to both adults and children who were abused as children and also provided marriage and couples' counseling to residents throughout his community, as well.