Mission Statement

Corleone is heir to everything created on this website. It is a grand lodge and institute to the world as a patrioc and monostary unto its following. Thus being said, it is a ministry unto the contestment against the forces of darkness and upon those forces of darkness, institutes the exact wellness upon its listeners. 

In junction with the Holy Spirit, by the body, flesh and ones spirit itself, Sir Corleone pastors the unknown to its destination through the mechanalism of “beat making” through the artform of hip-hop. In deity to Sir Corleones requests that all creativity hosted on this website be of acknowledged to as prictiscious, it is required that all listeners to be advised that certain areas in context within its body are subject for those in junction with the Holy spirit to listen. Listeners be advised to not be fooled by any embellish behavior(s) via forum, music, or posts of anysorts in the exact knowing or welcoming belief that Sir Corleone institutes the exact metholisism in healing the uneducated. 

In conclusion, I hearby, Sir Corleone, master of the grandlodge of music and in music at general hall, hereby states that this Ministry is infact a Ministry and is of exact approval in its authenticity to be operated by Sir Corleone and ONLY Sir Corleone himself. 


Sir Corleone (Himself)